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Changes to ASDS Membership Renewals

Dear ASDS Member,

We are currently reviewing membership fees and the process for renewal of membership, and want to share the following information with you prior to implementing any changes.

Over the coming year, we will be making several changes to our membership fees and renewal process.

There are four main changes:

Next year (2018) will be our year of transition and from January 2019 all memberships will be based on the calendar year (Jan-Dec). In the coming months you will receive personalised communication from ASDS about how these changes affect your membership and how it will be managed.

These changes will help ASDS council manage and support our membership more effectively. Whilst fee increases are never popular, we have noted that membership fees have not increased in over 5 years. The increase we are implementing is at a rate lower than inflation and Council intend to hold these fee levels for as long as we can.

We appreciate your support for ASDS. If you have any questions, please contact Erica Borgstrom (Membership Secretary memberships@deathandsociety.org) or visit the ASDS stall at DDD 2013 in September. Soon you will also be able to check the latest updates on this website www.deathandsociety.org.

With all good wishes,

Joan Lee

Administrator, Association for the Study of Death & Society (ASDS)