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Allan Kellehear

Allan Kellehear, PhD, FAcSS., is current President of the Association. He is a medical and public health sociologist working at the University of Bradford as 50th Anniversary Professor (End-of-Life Care) and Academic Director of the DHEZ Health & Wellbeing Centre.

Allan has formerly held chairs at Middlesex University (community health) and the University of Bath (sociology) in England, and at La Trobe University (palliative care) in Australia. He also worked in Japan as the 2003-04 Visiting Professor of Australian Studies at the University of Tokyo.

Allan's long-standing research interests lie in three main areas: (1) the study of personal conduct and experiences at the end of life; (2) public health/health promotion/community development approaches to end of life care; and (3) international end of life care policy and practice. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.

email: A.Kellehear@bradford.ac.uk


  • (2014) The Inner Life of the Dying Person
  • (2007) A Social History of Dying
  • (2005) Compassionate Cities: Public Health & End-of-Life Care
  • (1999) Health-Promoting Palliative Care
  • (1996) Experiences Near Death: Beyond Medicine and Religion
  • (1990) Dying of Cancer: The Final Year of Life

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