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Julie Ellis

I am currently working as a Research Associate in the Information School at the University of Sheffield. The project I am working on is funded by the ESRC EMoTICON call and is entitled A Shared Space and a Space for Sharing. The aim of the project is to explore how people in a range of extreme circumstances (e.g. facing life-threatening illness, experiencing addictive drug use) share information, emotion and resources online.
I completed my PhD in Sociological Studies at The University of Sheffield in early 2011. My thesis explored family experiences of everyday life whilst a relative is living with a life-threatening illness.
Since completing my PhD I have worked as an action researcher in the public sector and I also completed a research internship based at the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute at The University of Nottingham. This work examined narrative and representation in text and web media in the context of an emerging digital economy using genocide experience as a case study. I have also worked as a Graduate Teaching Associate in the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) at the University of Sheffield, and after this I held a Research Associate post in Sociological Studies (again at Sheffield) where my main duties involved working on grant capture activities.
My particular research interests are in the areas of identity, family and personal relationships in the context of dying and bereavement experiences. I am also interested in Life Course issues more generally and in everyday lives and material culture.

email: julie.ellis@sheffield.ac.uk

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