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Caroline Pearce

I am currently a PhD student within the Faculty of Health and Social Care at the Open University supervised by Dr Carol Komaromy and Dr Sam Murphy. My research is exploring how recovery from bereavement is constructed and defined. I am particularly interested in what happens to people when they are seen to have failed to recover or resist recovery from grief. Recovery is a popular narrative in health care, yet little is known about those that fail to recover in the expected way. What does 'no recovery' look like and how is it experienced? This is what I hope to discover by considering how the notion of recovery is tied up with a vision of the good life. My research ideas are influenced by a diverse range of literature such as the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze, affect theorists notably Lauren Berlant, and feminist cultural thinkers Sara Ahmed and Judith Butler.

I have published peer-reviewed journal articles based on my research into grief, loss and illness and have also written on the role of autoethnography and reflexivity in research.

Pearce, C. (2011). Girl, Interrupted: An exploration into the experience of grief following the death of a mother in young women's narratives. Mortality, Vol 16(1): 35-53.

Pearce, C. (2010). The Crises and Freedoms of Researching your own life. Journal of Research Practice, Vol 6(1).

Pearce, C. (2008). World Interrupted: An autoethnographic exploration into the rupture of self and family narratives following the onset of chronic illness and the death of a mother. Qualitative Sociology Review, Vol 4(1).

I also blog about my research at politicsofthehap.wordpress.com

email: cmp89@medschl.cam.ac.uk

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