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Renske Visser

Renske has been awarded a University scholarship to study end of life care in the UK and the way families negotiate the care of an ageing adult at the end of life. She started in October 2013 and within her study will be asking who takes responsibility for the care and costs associated with dying and death? As part of this, she will be looking at intergenerational relationships and responsibilities.

Previous to her PhD studies, Renske studied at the University of Amsterdam, where she first completed a BSc in Cultural and Non-Western Anthropology, specialising in 'The Body and Culture'. After this she studied an MSc in Medical Anthropology, in which she examined the way young adults who have lost a parent cope with this loss in everyday life. She took a material culture approach focussing on the role that objects play in coming to terms with loss.

email: rcv21@bath.ac.uk


  • Visser, R. & Parrott, F.R. 2014. Stability and change: the role of keepsakes and family homes in the lives of parentally bereaved young adults in the Netherlands. Mortality.

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