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Panagiotis Pentaris

Panagiotis is a Senior Lecturer for the Department of Psychology, Social Work and Counselling at the University of Greenwich. He is also a Postdoc Research Fellow for the Faiths & Civil Society Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London. Panagiotis is a thanatologist, as well as a qualified social worker (nationally and internationally) with specialty in hospice social work, as well as clinical social work in end of life care. His research stretches from death policies to professional practice, while he has recently completed a large-scale UK-national project about religion, belief and spirituality in end of life care practice; he has devised a model of religious literacy in end of life care, which is currently being introduced to policy makers, while it already informs training and development of palliative professionals in hospice care. Panagiotis has written widely about the intersection of religion and death and is focusing on professional practice and policy in these areas. He is also a Trustee Member for the Independent Academic Research Studies (IARS) International Institute, and a Country Representative for the International Peace Centre Africa, while he acts as an international advocate for LGBTQ rights and dying and grief.

email: P.Pentaris@greenwich.ac.uk


  • Mindfulness and Spirituality: Therapeutic Perspectives.
  • The role of background music in the experience of watching YouTube videos about death and dying.
  • Memorial Video Tributes and the enfranchised Grief of a Gay Widower
  • Religion, Secularism, and Professional Practice
  • Communicating Death via YouTube: The Functional Role of Music

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