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Ivor Williams

Ivor Williams is a designer, developing new ways of thinking about and experiencing death and dying in the 21st century. Designing products and experiences alongside writing and research, he combines design's methodologies with different practices in transdisciplinary collaboration with other designers, academics, clinicians and the public. His work is situated within academic research, design research and development, and commercial delivery.

His expertise includes communication and product design, and design research around health, death and dying. He leads the end-of-life care projects at the Helix Centre at St Mary’s Hospital in London, a design studio inside the Institute for Global Health Innovation led by Lord Ara Darzi. He co-leads the development of Cove, a flagship mental health app available on the NHS, with his social tech company Humane Engineering. He is a visiting lecturer at Imperial College London, and was visiting professor of Information Design at the University of Venice from 2014–2016.

He is a Senior Design Associate at the Helix Centre. He is also the founder of Being and Dying, a design research group and co-founder of the social tech company, Humane Engineering.

email: mail@ivorwilliams.info

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