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Beth Michael-Fox

Beth is co-chair of the ASDS events committee and works with the committee on developing and hosting online events. She was the ASDS Postgraduate Researcher Representative from 2019 to 2021 and was elected as a general member of council in 2021. Beth completed her PhD, which was positioned as an interdisciplinary contribution to Death Studies drawing on theoretical approaches from the humanities, at the University of Winchester. Her research focuses on screen and literary representations of death, dying and the dead. Beth is raising a young family and works at the Open University teaching a range of English literature, interdisciplinary humanities and reflective learning modules. She is also the Editorial Officer for the journal Mortality and holds several associate research positions at UK universities. She was a lecturer and senior lecturer at the School of Education and English Language at the University of Bedfordshire from 2011-2018, is a Senior Fellow of the HEA and a Fellow of the RSA. Beth is co-host of The Death Studies Podcast. To find out more about Beth’s research and work and to see a list of publications, please visit her website at www.drbethanmichaelfox.com


Michael-Fox, B. (2020) “Dead Chatty: The Rise of the Articulate Undead in Popular Culture,” in Coward-Gibbs, M. (ed) Death, Culture and Leisure: Playing Dead. Emerald.

Dixon, I., Doran, S. and Michael, B. (2016) There’s More to Fear than Fear Itself: Fears and Anxieties in the 21st Century. Brill.

For more information and a full list of publications please see: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9617-2565

email: bethmichaelfox@gmail.com

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