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DDD 13 International Conference

Death Dying and Disposal 13

Ritual Religion and Magic Conference

6th-10th September 2017

At the University of Central Lancashire, Preston


Academic: Duncan Sayer - dsayer@uclan.ac.uk

Other: Liz Roberts - ConferenceAndEvents@uclan.ac.uk

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In popular western culture the number 13 is often unlucky, evoking superstition, or witches. Yet there were 13 members of the last supper, Friday the 13 is lucky in Italy and in Judaism it is the age for rites of passage. The theme for this DDD is Ritual, Religion and Magic its perception interpretation and role in healthcare, death, dying, and burial. Individual papers might include, but are not restricted to: death technology and magic, liminality, religion and spirituality in end of life care, ethics and culture at the deathbed, dying inside (and outside) of modern health care, spirituality and the death of animals, rites of passage in dying, superstition and funerals, ritual application in preparing the corpse and burring the dead. Emergent religious and cultural practices in the disposal of the dead, ancestors online, Death, dying and grief in public and on the internet. Talking with the dead, the dead in popular horror, the dead in witchcraft execution or haunting or social rituals associated with the dead body, spirituality or lifeways and deathways.