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Meridith Burles

Meridith Burles completed a PhD (2010) and an MA (2006) in Sociology at the University of Saskatchewan, as well as a BA (2003) in Sociology and History from the University of Calgary. She currently holds a postdoctoral fellowship from the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation in the College of Nursing at the University of Saskatchewan. Her research focuses on illness experiences, and specifically how individuals experience and make sense of illness and dying in relation to their socio-cultural context and social variables, such as age and gender. Meridith has previously completed studies on mothers and daughters' experiences of breast cancer, and young adult women's experiences of serious illness. She is currently carrying out an interdisciplinary qualitative study of women's experiences of ovarian cancer that aims to learn more about how women negotiate uncertainty and the chronic implications of this illness in their everyday lives. Meridith has given presentations on her research at DDD9 and DDD10, as well as several provincial, national, and international conferences related to medical sociology, psycho-oncology, hospice/palliative care, and qualitative research methods.

email: Mcb142@mail.usask.ca

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