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In becoming an ASDS member, you will be joining a community who share your interests in developing the study of death and society. Contact Dr. Erica Borgstrom for more information about ASDS.

ASDS Membership Benefits

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Becoming a Member:

Due to new privacy legislation designed to put you in control of your own data (GDPR) and in order for ASDS to process this application you need to consent to receiving a reply and, if successful, for ASDS to hold your personal data until your membership ends.

In becoming a member you are also likely to provide further personal data, such as an address and possibly a brief CV / Bio. You can ask us to remove your details at any time by contacting ASDS Membership Secretary Dr. Erica Borgstrom, or by the tool provided in the member admin section. We do not pass on your details to other organisations without your explicit instruction.

         Please check this box if you consent to the above*.  

To become a member, please complete the membership form below and click 'Subscribe and Pay' This will submit your details and take you to a page with a paypal button.

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Payment Plans

  1. 1) Waged member earning under £50,000: £70/annum
  2. 2) Waged member earning above £50,000: £90/annum
  3. 3) Full-time student, retired or unwaged: £40/annum
  4. 4) Anyone earning less than £15,000 per annum (in either full time or part time work) can also pay the reduced £35 rate to join.
  5. 5) Organisations can join with an 'Organisational Membership' at £200 annually.


As we are a new association, please consider making a voluntary contribution via cheque to the address above or securely through PayPal: