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Hannah Rumble

I completed my PhD in 2010 at Durham University. Entitled, 'Giving something back: A case study of natural burial and human experience at Barton Glebe', this research engaged with the recent innovation in British funerary rites known as 'natural burial'. Utilising participant observation and interviews at a natural burial ground in Cambridgeshire called Barton Glebe, I was interested to know why people were drawn to this latest 'deathscape' in Britain; what did it mean to them and what did it entail? This research was facilitated by a Collaborative Doctoral Award under the Religion and Society Programme funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

I am also an Honorary Associate in the Department of Theology and Religion's Centre for Death and Life Studies at Durham University where I co-authored a book with Professor Douglas Davies in which findings from my doctoral research were discussed in relation to wider issues of spirituality and funeral innovation in contemporary Britain - Natural Burial: Traditional - Secular Spiritualities and Funeral Innovation.

I sit on the Editorial Board for the journal Mortality and the ASDS General Council as the Early Career Researchers' Representative.

email: drhannahrumble@gmail.com

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