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Beth Michael-Fox (Postgrad Rep)

Beth is the Postgraduate Researcher Representative for the ASDS.
Beth is keen to enable postgraduate students researching death to connect and support each other. She runs a monthly online support group that is open to all. You can find the EventBrite link to the latest event pinned to Beth’s Twitter profile here: https://twitter.com/bethmichaelfox?lang=en or you can email Beth for more information at bethmichaelfox@gmail.com Researchers from all different disciplines and perspectives are welcomed and the events run at different times each month to enable attendance in different time zones. The group offers a place to share successes and challenges, raise questions, discuss reading, talk about research projects and processes and build networks.

Beth completed her PhD at the University of Winchester in 2020. Her interdisciplinary research examined engagement with death and the dead in what her thesis defined as late postmodern culture, in particular in the autobiographical texts of three prominent British literary figures (Julian Barnes, Jenny Diski and Will Self) and in three television series that contend with the return of the dead (Les Revenants, In the Flesh and The Fades).

Beth is raising a young family and works at the Open University as an Associate Lecturer, teaching a range of English literature, interdisciplinary humanities and reflective learning modules. She was a lecturer and senior lecturer at the School of Education and English Language at the University of Bedfordshire from 2011-2018, is a Senior Fellow of the HEA and a Fellow of the RSA.


Michael-Fox, B. (2020) “Dead Chatty: The Rise of the Articulate Undead in Popular Culture,” in Coward-Gibbs, M. (ed) Death, Culture and Leisure: Playing Dead. Emerald.

Dixon, I., Doran, S. and Michael, B. (2016) There’s More to Fear than Fear Itself: Fears and Anxieties in the 21st Century. Brill.

For more information and a full list of publications please see: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9617-2565

email: bethmichaelfox@gmail.com

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