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Hull-York Medical School PhD Scholarship

Hull-York Medical School PhD Scholarship

Body donations for medical science: identifying good practice in the interactions between Medical School Anatomy Unit staff and families.
Supervisors: Dr Julie Seymour; Dr Trish Green; Dr Peter Bazira

Based at the Hull campus of Hull York Medical School.

Closing date: 2nd February 2015.

Studentships will start on 28th September 2015
This doctoral project will examine the extent and nature of the liaison process between Anatomy Unit staff and families of body donors in the period following donation through to disposal. Anatomical bequeathal is the donation of bodies after death for the purposes of medical teaching/research.

There is considerable literature on the work of Anatomy Unit staff when introducing medical students to anatomical examination. This includes the practical skills of dissection, the management of students' emotions and the development of professionalism when dealing with cadavers. What is currently under-researched, however, is the 'hidden work' that Anatomy Unit staff also do with the family members of body donors. These interactions can occur at a number of stages including during the interim period following donation or during preparation for the cremation of the donated body 3-5 years later. Communication with families clearly occurs when relatives are invited to thanksgiving services, but little is known of the emotional labour, information-giving and practical tasks which the Anatomy Unit staff perform with family members at this time. Furthermore, there are several instances where, due to infection, obesity or timing issues for example, donated bodies are refused on death, which calls for particularly sensitive liaison with family members. In terms of social theory, Anatomy Unit staff must deal at these times with the 'ontological duality' of the donated body which moves between cadaver and person.
The aim of the project is to recognise and acknowledge the 'hidden work' of family liaison, to identify good practice and to develop support and training for staff who interact with family members following donation. The development of evidence-based good practice with relatives is particularly important as research indicates body donation often runs in families. The skilled management of positive post-donation experiences for relatives will display institutional recognition of the donor 'as person' and hence encourage future familial donations. This is a significant issue as numbers of body bequeathals are in decline. Methods will include a literature review, document analysis, a national survey of UK Anatomy Units, in-depth interviews with professionals and participant observation of thanksgiving and memorial services. Analysis will follow a grounded theory approach.

Full-time UK/EU PhD Scholarships will include fees at the ‘home/EU' student rate and maintenance (GBP 13,863 in 2014/15) for three years, depending on satisfactory progress.
Full-time International Fee PhD Studentships will include full fees at the International student rate for three years, dependent on satisfactory progress.

PhD students at Hull York Medical School follow modules for research and transferable skills development and gain a Masters level Certificate in Research Training, in addition to their research degree.

Successful applicants will be informed of the award as soon as possible and by 20th March 2015 at the latest.
To apply go to: http://www.hyms.ac.uk/postgraduate/how-to-apply/current-postgraduate-opportunities.

All applications will be via the Hull York Medical School (HYMS) Postgraduate Centre. Please quote HYMS-2014-9 with the scholarship title when applying.

Closing date: 2nd February 2015
For more information email: julie.seymour@hyms.ac.uk

Web Page: www.hyms.ac.uk/postgraduate/how-to-apply/current-postgraduate-opportunities

Contact: julie.seymour@hyms.ac.uk

Document: ASDS-event-Families after body donation PhD Scholarship.doc

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