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Gallery: Etruscan tombs at Cerveteri, Italy

Description: These three photographs show aspects of the Etruscan tombs at Cerveteri in Italy, a true 'city of the dead' created during the 6th and 7th centuries BC. It is a proper town with a grid layout, consisting of streets of town houses for the dead, along with a district of large 'behive' tombs for wealthier families, to the north of the city.

These houses were excavated out of, or constructed from, the local soft stone called tufa. The terraced houses had steps leading down into chambered rooms, each with a set of niches or alcoves, on which were placed the bodies of the dead, annointed with spices and wrapped. These photogaphs were taken by Larraine Worpole in February 2002, and appear, along with many others, in Last Landscapes: the architecture of the cemetery in the West, by Ken Worpole (Reaktion Books 2003).

Photos by Ken Worpole

Main Image: Cerveteri Interior


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